FLASHBACK: Haitian Protesters Say Hillary Clinton Belongs 'In Jail' | NTK Network FLASHBACK: Haitian Protesters Say Hillary Clinton Belongs ‘In Jail’

FLASHBACK: Haitian Protesters Say Hillary Clinton Belongs ‘In Jail’

The protesters, angered at the Clintons' abuse of Haiti relief efforts, descended on the Democratic National Convention in 2016 to demand justice.

By NTK Staff | 01.12.2018 @10:42am

President Trump’s Thursday comments about Haiti and African countries have caused a media firestorm, but his opponent in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, faced another Haitian controversy during the campaign. At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Haitian protesters descended on the liberal gathering to demand the imprisonment of their nominee.

“Where does Hillary belong?” one man yelled to the crowd of protesters.

“In jail!” the crowd responded. The group repeated the call-and-response chant several times.

The protesters represented a large segment of Haitians that view the Clinton Foundation’s poverty-relief efforts as a cynical ploy to enrich Bill and Hillary Clinton:

Nevertheless, the Clintons are facing a growing backlash that too little has been accomplished in the past five years and that some of the most high-profile projects they have backed — including a just-opened Marriott, another luxury hotel and the industrial park — have helped foreign investors and Haiti’s wealthy elites more than its poor.

“Bill Clinton is a good guy and well-intentioned, but the people here don’t think so — they think he’s here making money,” said Leslie Voltaire, a former government official who worked with Clinton on post-earthquake reconstruction. “There is a lot of resentment about Clinton here. People have not seen results. . . . They say that Clinton used Haiti.”

In January, Haitian expatriates picketed the Clinton Foundation’s New York headquarters, demanding to know why more progress has not been made with the billions in international aid pledged after the quake.

Haitians have alleged that the Clintons used several projects to funnel money to themselves instead of rebuild the country after devastating natural disasters. “They are part of the elite class who are operating to exploit the Haitian people,” one activist told The Washington Post.

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