FLASHBACK: Obama Called Kanye a ‘Jackass’ FLASHBACK: Obama Called Kanye a ‘Jackass’ – NTK Network

FLASHBACK: Obama Called Kanye a ‘Jackass’

The president took issue with the pop star's interruption of Taylor Swift's speech at an award show.

By NTK Staff | 04.25.2018 @4:52pm

Pop superstar Kanye West’s offered vocal support for President Trump on Twitter Wednesday. Is President Obama’s past criticism of the artist part of the reason why?

Following West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech at an awards show in 2009, Obama described him as a “jackass” while preparing for an interview.

With the cameras rolling, the exchange was caught above.

“Why would he do that?” a person asked Obama.

“Because he’s a jackass,” Obama responded through gritted teeth.

The room responded with laughter.

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Trump Pardons Jack Johnson
By NTK Staff | 05.24.2018 @4:06pm

Trump Pardons Jack Johnson

The president offered a posthumous pardon to the famous boxer, who was convicted in a racist application of the law in the early 20th century.

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