FLASHBACK: Sanders Agreed with Schultz's Thinking About Universal Healthcare's Costs | NTK Network FLASHBACK: Sanders Agreed with Schultz’s Thinking About Universal Healthcare’s Costs

FLASHBACK: Sanders Agreed with Schultz’s Thinking About Universal Healthcare’s Costs

"If we expanded Medicaid [to] everybody...that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation," Sanders said in 1987.

By NTK Staff | 06.08.2018 @11:33am

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blasted outgoing Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz for saying that single-payer isn’t realistic during an interview on Thursday.

However in 1987, Sanders seemed to agree with Schultz‘s thinking, saying that such legislation would “bankrupt the nation.”

During an interview with CNBC, Schultz said that it concerned him, “that so many voices within the Democratic Party are going so far to the left.”

“And I ask myself, how are we going to pay for all these things?” Schultz asked. “In terms of things like single-payer or people espousing the fact that the government is going to give everyone a job, I don’t think that’s realistic.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Sanders about Schultz’s comments.

“I think his comment is dead wrong. I think you have a guy who thinks that the United States apparently should remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people,” Sanders said. “The truth of the matter is that I think study after study has indicated that Medicare for all is a much more cost-effective approach toward health care than our current, dysfunctional health care system, which is far and away the most expensive system per capita than any system on earth.”

But in 1987, Sanders, who was at the time mayor of Burlington, Vermont, agreed with Schultz that that providing free healthcare for everyone wasn’t realistic.

“If we expanded Medicaid [to] everybody. Give everybody a Medicaid card – we would be spending such an astronomical sum of money that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation,” Sanders said.

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