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Four-Year Limit? Anti-Pelosi Democrats Make Their Demands

Capping Nancy Pelosi’s speakership to no more than four years could allow younger Democrats to take the reins soon, but there are few guarantees in politics.

By NTK Staff | 12.11.2018 @2:15pm
Four-Year Limit? Anti-Pelosi Democrats Make Their Demands

A small group of Democrats adamantly opposed to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi becoming speaker of the House are doing their best to limit the length of her tenure, according to a report from Politico. The deal would also impact other House Democrats’ leadership tenures, all but ensuring a brand-new slate of Democrats taking the helm in the near future.

The proposal is part of a discussion involving anti-Pelosi Democrats and the long-time Democrat leader. It’s not clear if her top two lieutenants, Reps. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Jim Clyburn (D-SC), are involved in the negotiations, but it seems likely they will be impacted by the negotiations. All three Democrats are in their late 70s.

Under the terms of the deal, Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn would be able to serve three terms with an option for a fourth term if they can win the support of two-thirds of the caucus, according to multiple Democratic sources. The effect would be retroactive, meaning the two terms the trio ruled in the majority from 2007 to 2011 would count against their tenure.

In the past, Pelosi has shown little interest in engaging with the so-called Democrat “rebels,” and even less interest in lame-ducking her tenure as speaker. But Pelosi also desperately needs their support if she wants an opportunity to become speaker.

The math is problematic for Pelosi: she needs 218 votes on the House floor to win the speakership. More than a dozen Democrats signed a letter pledging not to vote for her during the leadership elections in January.

Pelosi can lose 17 Democratic votes and still become speaker. Currently, around 20 Democrats are on record vowing to vote against her on the floor. The California Democrat is looking to peel off a handful of those rebels, and allowing a term-limits proposal to move forward could be the price she pays for any such deal.

But if Pelosi concedes to limit herself to just four more years as the leader of the Democratic House caucus, those Democrats may opt to vote “present” rather than for a Pelosi rival. Each “present” vote lowers the number of votes necessary to win the speaker’s race, meaning Pelosi could take the gavel with fewer than 218 votes.

Pelosi has not agreed to any proposal, according to Politico, but expect some kind of bargain along these lines to deliver the speakership to Pelosi. Whether Democrats, who pledged to oppose Pelosi for speaker to their voters, face any backlash for participating in such a Washington, D.C.-style deal will be determined in 2020.

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