FULL FLOP: David Brock Now Supports Bernie Sanders | NTK Network FULL FLOP: David Brock Now Supports Bernie Sanders

FULL FLOP: David Brock Now Supports Bernie Sanders

The former Hillary hitman now supports the left-wing leader he once bombarded with scorching accusations.

By NTK Staff | 01.10.2017 @10:19am
FULL FLOP: David Brock Now Supports Bernie Sanders

“Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead,” read the title of David Brock’s post on Medium today. The former opposition researcher and Hillary Clinton loyalist, whom Sanders once described as “scum of the earth,” called on Democrats to heal old wounds and unite against President-elect Donald Trump.

Brock wrote:

“It’s no secret who I supported. I was one of the most visible and vocal advocates of Secretary Hillary Clinton. Many others backed you, Senator Sanders, with contagious zeal. At times during the Democratic primary, I was criticized for being too aggressive in my support for Secretary Clinton — and rightly so. Looking back, I recognize that there were a few moments when my drive to put Hillary in the White House led me to take too stiff a jab. I own up to that, I regret it, and I apologize to you and your supporters for it.”

The timing of Brock’s request for reconciliation, and his praise for Senator Sanders, raised questions, given the way he thrashed Sanders during the primary. Brock shot one particularly sharp attack at Sanders, saying that a Sanders campaign ad showed that “black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders.”

In his Medium post, Brock went on to praise Senator Sanders with a curious statement: “We need you to continue to be the voice of reason in a world that has been spun out of control.” Conversely, in February, Brock implied that Sanders lived insulated from reality and reason, saying “Senator Sanders is trying to live in the purity bubble, and it needs to be burst.”

Brock also demanded that the then-74-year-old senator release medical reports to the public, a demand that even the Clinton campaign disavowed, according to Politico. Given the questions surrounding Clinton’s health during the general election, Sanders may find it hard to forgive such hypocritical attacks.

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