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Gillibrand Can’t Explain How Biden, Franken Allegations Differ

"The fact that the first woman said that she felt demeaned, I think it's an issue that he's going to have to address with the voters."

By NTK Staff | 04.03.2019 @11:26am

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) struggled to explain how the allegations of sexual misconduct against former Vice President Joe Biden are different from those which forced former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) to resign during an interview on Tuesday.

Four women have come forward since Friday to accuse the 76-year-old Biden of unwanted touching throughout the years. These accusations have cast a shadow over Biden’s presidential campaign before it even launches.

In 2017, several women came forward and accused Franken of sexual assault, and Gillibrand was one first Senate Democrats to call on Franken to resign from office, which he eventually did.

Gillibrand’s involvement in Franken’s resignation triggered a backlash from the Democratic donor community, which felt that Franken had not been given a fair shake. Many blamed Gillibrand for his ouster.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Gillibrand how Biden’s case is different from Franken’s.

“Well, they’re very different. Senator Franken, obviously, had eight credible allegations against him that were corroborated in real time,” Gillibrand said.

“Was there more that didn’t get out?” Matthews interjected.

“I am not at liberty to say that,” Gillibrand said. “But what I do know and what is public is that there were eight credible allegations. Two of them were since he was senator. And the last one happened to be a congressional staffer.”

“And so, for me and many others, we just couldn’t stay silent anymore. It’s not that he didn’t have the right to stay on and do his ethics investigation and sue every woman who came out against him. Those are all his decisions,” Gillibrand added.

“My only decision was, do I stay silent or not? And, as a mom of boys, Chris – Theo’s 15, Henry is 10 – and the conversations I was having at home weren’t great. Theo was: ‘Mom, why are you so tough on Al Franken?'” Gillibrand said. “And I was almost apoplectic because I had to say, ‘Theo, it is not OK ever to grope a woman anywhere on her body without her consent. It is not OK to forcibly kiss a woman ever without her consent.'”

Matthews pressed Gillibrand on where she stood on Biden.

“So, we have two allegations. The fact that the first woman said that she felt demeaned, I think it’s an issue that he’s going to have to address with the voters,” Gillibrand said.

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