Gov. Cuomo: NRA Represents 'Extremists' | NTK Network Gov. Cuomo: NRA Represents ‘Extremists’

Gov. Cuomo: NRA Represents ‘Extremists’

The New York governor attacked people who support the gun rights group in an appearance on CNN.

By NTK Staff | 08.06.2018 @11:12am

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) blasted NRA supporters as “extremists” in an interview with CNN’s Jon Berman on Monday.

Berman read a statement from an NRA lawyer that slammed Cuomo’s attacks on the gun rights organizations. He asked the Democratic governor to respond.

“I have been a longtime opponent of the NRA,” Cuomo said. “I plead guilty. I believe the NRA represents an extremist group.”

He called the group “counterproductive for gun owners in this country,” and the governor added that they want to obstruct any “common sense” gun laws.

“They’ve caused carnage in this nation,” Cuomo claimed.

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