Harris’s Attacks on Biden Will ‘Bite Her in the A**,’ Says Biden Supporter | NTK Network Harris’s Attacks on Biden Will ‘Bite Her in the A**,’ Says Biden Supporter

Harris’s Attacks on Biden Will ‘Bite Her in the A**,’ Says Biden Supporter

It was the debate moment everyone talked about the next day, but did Harris’s comments about race and Biden go too far? Some Democrats think so.

By NTK Staff | 07.01.2019 @10:00am
Harris’s Attacks on Biden Will ‘Bite Her in the A**,’ Says Biden Supporter

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) knew exactly what she was doing when she went after former Vice President Joe Biden during last week’s Democratic primary debate.

Harris attacked Biden for his recent comments about his collegial working relationship with segregationists in the U.S. Senate and for his record on civil rights. Biden attempted to push back against Harris during the debate, but gave up mid-response, noting that his allotted time was up.

Now Biden’s team is in clean-up mode. Some are going after Harris for crossing the line, in their view.

Biden supporters and Democrats who have attended the former vice president’s events in the days after the first nationally televised debate, are describing Harris’ assault on Biden as an all-too-calculated overreach after she knocked him on his heels in a grilling over busing and his remarks on segregationist senators.

“She played low ball, which was out of character. And he didn’t expect it, nor did I,” said Lee White, a Biden supporter who attended his remarks at the Jesse Jackson Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “She should not have gone that route. She’s much too intelligent, she’s been able to be successful thus far, why do you have to do that.”

Other Biden supporters were even less charitable in their remarks. An anonymous Biden backer told Politico that Harris’s attacks could hurt her career:

“It’s going to bite her in the ass,” the supporter noted. “Very early on there was buzz … Biden-Kamala is the dream ticket, the best of both worlds.’’

After this week, “That shit ain’t happening.”

Others criticized the coordination of the effort. Shortly after Harris mentioned her experience with school busing for the purpose of segregation, her campaign tweeted a photo of a young Harris waiting at a bus stop. Shortly thereafter, he campaign began selling merchandise with that photo of a young Harris.

“Couldn’t they at least pretend that it was semi-organic?” one Biden supporter asked.

“It was planned, and it was staged and it was rehearsed — and they were ready to raise money on it,’’ another said.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team is trying to put the issue of his civil rights record to rest. In an email blasted out to supporters, Biden’s campaign said: “The discussion in this race today shouldn’t be about the past. It should be about how we can do better and move forward and give every kid in this country an opportunity to succeed. That means good schools in every neighborhood. No child’s future should be determined by their zip code.”

But if Harris, and any of Biden’s other rivals, detected that Biden is particularly vulnerable on these issues, don’t expect them to let up any time soon.

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