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Hatch Excoriates Kavanaugh Critics in Scathing Op-Ed

The Utah senator goes point by point, exposing Democrats’ anti-Kavanaugh efforts as half-hearted, knee-jerk partisanship.

By NTK Staff | 07.20.2018 @9:29am
Hatch Excoriates Kavanaugh Critics in Scathing Op-Ed

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) wrote a scathing op-ed for The Daily Beast Friday that skewers Democrat-led efforts to discredit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the man President Trump nominated to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

Hatch goes point by point, sarcastically mocking many of the half-hearted efforts that Democrats have employed to somehow justify their opposition to the uniquely qualified judge.

1.“Oppose Judge XX”

Even before Trump named his nominee, Democrats were working to defeat the pick. Their efforts were exposed in deeply embarrassing ways:

Protesters who had gathered outside the Supreme Court before the announcement was even made held up posters with Judge Kavanaugh’s name hurriedly scribbled in. Liberal interest groups blasted out emails to “oppose Judge XX,” forgetting to insert Judge Kavanaugh’s name in their pre-cooked releases before hitting send. Others sent out releases with pictures of the wrong judge. Judge Kavanaugh, it turns out, is such a threat to the Republic that his opponents didn’t even know who he is.

2. A Letter from Yale Students & Alumni

Students and alumni of Yale published a letter making nefarious claims about Kavanaugh’s appointment, but failed to supply any real evidence to back up their claims:

The next day, a group of Yale students and alumni—Yale is Judge Kavanaugh’s alma mater—published an open letter prophesying that “people will die if he is confirmed.” In measured tones, these clairvoyants called Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination an “emergency—for democratic life, for our safety and freedom, and for the future of our country.”

Never in the history of the nation, or perhaps the world, has one person posed such a threat to everything we hold dear. The letter does not detail how Justice Kavanaugh will slay his victims, or what nefarious means he will employ to destroy our way of life. But we can be assured that he will be very, very bad. Because the letter authors tell us so.

3. He’s a Baseball Fan … “The Horror”

Hatch has a little fun mocking a Washington Post story that notes Kavanaugh once had credit card debt that he paid off. Worse still, the debt was the result of buying season tickets for friends:

Over the next few days, Judge Kavanaugh’s opponents continued to go from strength to strength. The Washington Post breathlessly reported that the judge once had credit card debt, and that he had paid it off. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the credit card debt was for baseball tickets. The horror. Surely no self-respecting judge would involve himself in something so unseemly as sports.

4. The Aristocrat!

Yet another Washington Post story, which promises to expose the “elite world” that Kavanaugh lives in, uncovers the fact that he attends church, drinks beer, and grills burgers. Womp-womp.

The Post continued to land body blows on Judge Kavanaugh with a follow-on exposé entitled “The Elite World of Brett Kavanaugh.” The Post’s crack reporting revealed that the blue-blooded, aristocratic judge enjoys coaching basketball and sharing a burger and beer with friends. He’s also a pretty good carpooler. His house has four bedrooms. He attends church services. He likes to banter with neighbors about baseball. (Oh no! Baseball again!) Can we really allow a person who leads such a cloistered, elitist existence to serve on the Supreme Court?

5. A waiter at Ruby Tuesdays?

And perhaps the most ridiculous criticism? Late night host Stephen Colbert mocked Kavanaugh’s first name, Brett:

And then of course there’s his name, Brett. In the words of noted political commentator Stephen Colbert, “That sounds less like a Supreme Court justice and more like a waiter at Ruby Tuesday.”

Judge Kavanaugh might as well throw in the towel. When your opponents start making fun of your name, you know you’ve lost. Anyone who’s been through third grade knows this.

By the end of the piece, Hatch deftly exposed Democrats’ opposition to Kavanaugh’s appointment as nothing more than knee-jerk partisanship.

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