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Here’s What Would Happen if North Korea Hit A U.S. City With a Nuke

According to reports, Pyongyang has developed the capability to hit the United States with nuclear weapons.

By NTK Staff | 08.08.2017 @4:43pm
Here’s What Would Happen if North Korea Hit A U.S. City With a Nuke

Reports emerged Tuesday that North Korea had successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead for delivery on its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) platform.

Combined with the recent news that the country has also successfully tested ICBMs capable of reaching much of the continential United States, the world may be racing toward a Cuban missile crisis-level emergency.

President Trump has drawn a red line on Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs, and for good reason. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has repeatedly threatened the United States with physical destruction, and it appears he has achieved the capability to deliver on this threat.

According to missile expert David Wright, Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago are well within the range of North Korea’s latest successfully-tested missile, and Boston and New York sit on the edge of the missile’s range.

Here’s what would happen if North Korea hit these U.S. cities, using the nuclear explosion simulator NUKEMAP. We used the largest North Korean yield as a measure, and airburst all explosions, given the ICBM delivery.

Los Angeles (Range: 5,900 mi): In the immediate blast of a hit on downtown Los Angeles, approximately 70,000 people would lose their lives, and 150,000 people would find themselves injured. A total of 38 schools and seven hospitals would be inside the blast zone, originating from the center of the city.

Denver (6,100 mi): Denver would suffer around 50,000 fatalities with another 85,000 injured if North Korea was able to hit the center of the city. The blast zone would include one hospital and 32 schools.

Chicago (6,500 mi): A direct ICBM hit on Chicago would likely incur approximately 100,000 immediate fatalities with an additional 200,000 injuries. Around 30 schools and six hospitals would be inside the blast zone.

Boston (6,700 mi): If a nuclear-tipped missile could reach downtown Boston, the fatalities could reach upward of 110,000 in addition to 190,000 injuries. The massive campus of Massachusetts General Hospital would be in the blast radius as well as approximately 70 schools.

New York (6,750 mi): A nuclear explosion in Manhattan would cause about 181,000 deaths and over 500,000 injured. If the missile hit Lower Manhattan, about 25 hospitals and 150 schools would be in the blast radius.

In addition to these major cities, the North Koreans are approximately 50 miles away from hitting the seat of U.S. power in Washington, D.C. But with up to 60 nuclear warheads, the Kim regime currently has the capability to deliver untold destruction to the U.S. mainland.

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