Hillary Clinton: President Trump's Budget Shows an "Unimaginable Level of Cruelty" | NTK Network Hillary Clinton: President Trump’s Budget Shows an “Unimaginable Level of Cruelty”

Hillary Clinton: President Trump’s Budget Shows an “Unimaginable Level of Cruelty”

"It's time to send a resounding message that we will not stand for this attack on the most vulnerable among us," Clinton said during an event Tuesday evening.

By NTK Staff | 05.24.2017 @11:44am

Hillary Clinton attacked President Trump’s budget saying it showed an “unimaginable level of cruelty” during a speech at the Children’s Health Fund Annual Benefit in New York City on Tuesday.

“I must say your work is probably more important today than it has been for a number of years,” Clinton told the audience. “That is because many of the advances that we have made, many of the programs that have helped to fill in the gaps, are under attack.”

Clinton continued, “This administration and Republicans in Congress are mounting an onslaught against the needs of children and people with disabilities, women, and seniors.”

Then Clinton took aim at President Trump’s proposed budget for its cuts to Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

“Now this is more than just a list of programs and line items in a budget. It is a tangible representation of values,” Clinton continued.

Clinton then asked, “what kind of values would drive someone to cut health care, low-income kids and families, in order to make room for massive tax cuts for wealthiest among us?”

“This budget, along with the relentless attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, shows an unimaginable level of cruelty and lack of imagination and disdain for the struggles of millions of Americans, including millions of children,” Clinton concluded. “None of us can remain silent in the face of these attacks.”

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