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Hillary Clinton’s Former Chief Strategist: Stop Mueller

Mark Penn, who ran strategy for Hillary Clinton's failed 2008 presidential campaign, shocked some in Washington, D.C. with a Sunday op-ed urging officials to stop Robert Mueller.

By NTK Staff | 05.22.2018 @12:00pm
Hillary Clinton’s Former Chief Strategist: Stop Mueller

Hillary Clinton’s former top strategist published a new op-ed in The Hill urging public officials to stop Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian ties to the Trump campaign, saying that the probe threatens “all presidents and all parties.”

Penn wrote on Sunday:

This process must now be stopped, preferably long before a vote in the Senate. Rather than a fair, limited and impartial investigation, the Mueller investigation became a partisan, open-ended inquisition that, by its precedent, is a threat to all those who ever want to participate in a national campaign or an administration again.

…Stopping Mueller isn’t about one president or one party. It’s about all presidents and all parties. It’s about cleaning out and reforming the deep state so that our intelligence operations are never used against opposing campaigns without the firmest of evidence. It’s about letting people work for campaigns and administrations without needing legal defense funds. It’s about relying on our elections to decide our differences.

The question on the minds of many in Washington, D.C.: what gives?

Penn and the Clintons had a somewhat public falling-out after Penn, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist in 2008, lost a race in epic fashion to then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). Still, though, Penn is hardly considered a Republican, much less a ‘Trump Republican.’

Is Penn trying to join team Trump, after decades working for the Clintons? Or is it more about protecting future Democrat presidents from the kind of treatment Democrats are currently giving Trump?

Even if he wants to join the other side, Trump may be inclined to stay away: Penn was widely blamed for Clinton’s loss to Obama in 2008, even though she had runaway frontrunner status.

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