How To Win the Thanksgiving Tax Reform Debate with Your Democrat Relatives | NTK Network How To Win the Thanksgiving Tax Reform Debate with Your Democrat Relatives

How To Win the Thanksgiving Tax Reform Debate with Your Democrat Relatives

It's hard to win an argument when the other side doesn't care about facts, but it never hurts to hit the Democrats sitting at your Thanksgiving table with the truth.

By NTK Staff | 11.23.2017 @8:30am
How To Win the Thanksgiving Tax Reform Debate with Your Democrat Relatives

Since the left has decided that no setting is sacred and every Thanksgiving event must be a battlefield, it’s important to arm yourself with facts for the culture war raging across American dinner tables. It’s likely that President Trump’s most ambitious project yet, tax reform, will surface as a topic of contention.

So what do you need to know if some left-leaning family member at your table decides to accuse the GOP of hating poor people? Here are the facts to hit them with.

An average family of four will get almost $1,200 in tax cuts: Under the GOP plan, the average family of four would receive a tax break of $1,182 per year. When the House unveiled its version of the tax plan earlier this month, Speaker Paul Ryan explained that “about half the country today is living paycheck-to-paycheck.” That $1,200 tax cut is going to go a long way toward helping families get a leg up.

Business will boom!: Small businesses and corporations will see their tax rates slashed by 15 percent, leaving more room for investment and business development (read: jobs). Plus, the extra $1,200 that families around the country are pocketing will go toward purchases that businesses need to survive. All of these positives for businesses will encourage companies to repatriate their overseas funds, bringing trillions of dollars in economic investment back to the United States.

These clear benefits aren’t enough, though, for liberals, whose leaders have exposed them to clearly false information. Most likely, one of your looney liberal relatives will bring up one of these baseless claims about the plan. Here are a couple to easily shoot down.

Claim #1: Your daughter’s unshaven, man-bun’d boyfriend, after explaining his ‘Botany degree’ and plan to start a ‘small business’ in Colorado, says that middle class families earning less than $86,000 will see their taxes go up under the GOP plan. “Kamala Harris even said so!” he exclaims.

The Truth: The Washington Post, a mainstream media outlet and no friend of President Trump, gave this claim “Four Pinocchios,” their worst rating for a false claim. The Post pointed out that “most families in that income range would get a tax cut.” The paper suggested that all politicians making this claim should delete their tweets (which Sen. Harris did).

Claim #2: Aunt Nicole just finished up explaining why sitting for the National Anthem is actually better than standing for it, but she’s not done yet. “Did you know that Republicans hate the poor?” she asks. “They even put a tax break into their plan for private jets!” She probably got this claim from Kamala Harris’s Twitter feed as well.

The Truth: The provision she’s talking about is in the bill, but it’s actually the Democrats who crafted it. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), supposedly a working class advocate, wrote the tax break in 2015. This isn’t the only time Democrats have bashed the Republicans in this debate for something they’ve proposed. Things like the child tax credit and a reduction in the corporate tax rate, both provisions in the GOP plan, are things for which Democrats have advocated. Yet, they still find room to criticize the efforts.

HOWEVER: The most important thing to remember is that you love your family, even though they’re so wrong it hurts.

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