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Huffington Post Piece: ‘Trump is Winning’

The left-wing outlet is disappointed that President Trump is hitting his goals and keeping his promises.

By NTK Staff | 12.12.2017 @12:15pm
Huffington Post Piece: ‘Trump is Winning’

An opinion piece in The Huffington Post over the weekend admitted what all liberals have feared through nearly one year of this presidential administration: “Trump is winning.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, an author and weekly co-host of Al Sharpton’s radio show, lamented the fact that Trump is triumphing in his quest to make America great again.

Hutchinson lists the ways in which the president has won this year:

  • Trump is on the verge of passing massive tax cuts for the American people, fulfilling a critical GOP promise.
  • The media’s “collusion” narrative is dissipating.
  • Neil Gorsuch, one of the most distinguished and conservative justices in years, sits on the Supreme Court due to Trump’s nomination.
  • The president maintains the support of his base, with around 40 percent of the country ready to turnout in droves to support his policies.
  • Trump continues to keep the media wrapped around his finger, with networks following his every move 24 hours a day.

Liberal commentators seem to be realizing that the president is staying true to his campaign promises. A day before Hutchinson published his piece, Trump-foil CNN knighted the president as the “keeper of promises.”

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