HuffPost, Roll Call, Politico All Write on Heller's 'Resiliency' in NV-Sen. | NTK Network HuffPost, Roll Call, Politico All Write on Heller’s ‘Resiliency’ in NV-Sen.

HuffPost, Roll Call, Politico All Write on Heller’s ‘Resiliency’ in NV-Sen.

A D.C. publication consensus is developing on the Nevada U.S. Senate contest: Dean Heller is holding off a stiff challenge from Jacky Rosen, and it could be a bad sign for Democrats' "blue wave" hopes in 2018.

By NTK Staff | 10.22.2018 @2:15pm
HuffPost, Roll Call, Politico All Write on Heller’s ‘Resiliency’ in NV-Sen.

Three D.C. publications all published similar stories on the Nevada U.S. Senate contest over the weekend, all three coming to the same conclusion about the state of the race: Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) is “resilient” against a challenge from Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV), and Heller’s position puts a Democratic “blue wave” at risk with two weeks to go before Election Day.

HuffPost published first, on Saturday night:

Yet polls are showing Heller in a dead heat with his opponent, Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.), just weeks out from the midterm election. Democrats say they’re optimistic that a blue wave will help them oust Heller, a win they need in order to retake the Senate. But worrying signs about lagging Latino engagement across the country and Trump’s rising popularity in Nevada could hand them an unexpected setback in November.

Then Roll Call wrote, in a piece titled “Could a Blue Wave Miss Nevada?”:

Heller has built-in advantages as an incumbent who’s never lost an election, including high name recognition and longstanding constituent relationships. He was appointed to the Senate in 2011 after four years in the House and has won four statewide races — for Nevada secretary of state three times and a full Senate term in 2012.

And Politico wrote:

The Nevadan is the only Republican senator running in a state Hillary Clinton carried in 2016, and defeating him is central to any Democratic hopes for winning control of the Senate or preventing Republicans from expanding their 51-49 majority. But Heller has narrowly led Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen in recent independent polling, and Republicans are increasingly bullish about his chances to pull out a win — even as Democrats nationally challenge for control of the House.

After being declared for dead, politically, Heller appears to have a better chance than many expected at holding his seat, in a tough year for Republicans. We’ll find out how right these D.C. publications are in 15 days.

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