ICE Chief: Jail Sanctuary City Leaders | NTK Network ICE Chief: Jail Sanctuary City Leaders

ICE Chief: Jail Sanctuary City Leaders

ICE Director Thomas Homan told Fox News that sanctuary municipalities let criminals out of jails, threatening immigrant communities most of all.

By NTK Staff | 01.04.2018 @11:58am

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Wednesday that leaders of sanctuary cities should be charged for failing to comply with federal immigration law.

“For these sanctuary cities that knowingly shield and harbor an illegal alien in their jail and don’t allow us access, that is, in my opinion, a violation of 8 U.S.C. 1324, that’s the alien smuggling statute,” Homan said.

The ICE chief added that he asked the Department of Justice to charge sanctuary city leaders under that law: “Number one, [the Department of Justice] need[s] to file charges against the sanctuary cities. Number two, they need to hold back their funding. Another thing they need to do, they need to hold these politicians personally accountable.”

“We got to take these sanctuary cities on, we got to take them to court, and we got to charge some of these politicians with crimes,” he said.

President Trump backs Homan’s view of sanctuary cities, he told Cavuto. Homan added that his agency would dramatically step up its presence and immigration enforcement in California as a result of the state’s sanctuary status.

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