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Is It Iowa or Bust for Elizabeth Warren?

Her campaign is hiring staffers at a frenzied rate, but some are beginning to question the effectiveness of that strategy.

By NTK Staff | 06.03.2019 @10:34am
Is It Iowa or Bust for Elizabeth Warren?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign is investing heavily in Iowa. And no, that isn’t just the usual campaign lip service. Her campaign already has more than 50 staffers based in Iowa, and a “significant” number more are expected later this month, according to her Iowa spokesman who used to be a reporter for the Des Moines Register.

According to Politico, no other presidential campaign has hired “nearly as many staffers” in Iowa as Warren’s campaign has.

Notably, Warren’s team is not predicting victory in Iowa. And as it turns out, that might be for the best. Just last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign claimed that bold prediction.

Instead, they’re hoping for a better-than-expected showing that could add some much-needed momentum to her so-far middling campaign.

Warren and her campaign aren’t predicting victory here, but they are gunning for the kind of performance that would catapult her to front-runner status for the nomination. A win over Joe Biden and other rivals could also dispel doubts about her electability among some Democrats still traumatized by 2016. As some of her staffers have noted, the best way to erase concerns about whether she can win is to win.

Still, some are questioning whether a liberal senator from Massachusetts should be using a Midwestern state like Iowa as her proving ground. Others are questioning her staffing strategy. Hiring large numbers of workers like she has can skyrocket her payroll disbursements quickly.

Committing to so many salaries from the outset could leave the campaign without much cash for TV and digital advertising in the critical weeks before voting begins. That danger is even greater given that Warren has sworn off high-dollar fundraisers.

Still, no amount of staff work can make up for the candidate’s time. And Warren has attended 34 separate events in Iowa, more than any other state to date.

Will it be enough? Most polls show Warren in the high single digits or low double digits, trailing Sanders by a few points and former Vice President Joe Biden by double digits in most cases.

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