Is Justin Amash Thinking About Challenging Trump? | NTK Network Is Justin Amash Thinking About Challenging Trump?

Is Justin Amash Thinking About Challenging Trump?

One Capitol Hill publication seems to think he’s flirting with the idea.

By NTK Staff | 06.13.2019 @2:05pm
Is Justin Amash Thinking About Challenging Trump?

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is currently serving his fifth term in Congress, but he’s never been more well-known than he is today. Earlier this month, Amash claimed on Twitter that President Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct” after he read Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on potential Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

That move prompted another Michigan Republican to immediately announce he would challenge Amash, and a poll released this week found that challenger leading Amash by 16 percentage points.

But according to The Hill, Amash may have his sights set on another office: the Oval Office. Asked about potentially running against Trump in a Republican primary, Amash said the following:

“I have no interest in playing spoiler. When I run for something, I run to win,” the Michigan Republican told The Hill on Wednesday as he descended the steps of the Capitol toward his office.

“I haven’t ruled anything out,” Amash replied when asked if he’s made a decision about a possible presidential bid.

To say Amash, 39, would be an underdog is a dramatic understatement. But that’s never stopped candidates from launching campaigns in the past.

His close allies and friends believe he won’t run.

“He has no plans to run,” one close friend told The Hill.

But if he runs for reelection, he may not have an easy go of it. Not only is he currently trailing his potential challenger, state Rep. Jim Lower by 16 points, but earlier on Thursday, Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted that he would campaign against Amash’s reelection.

Either way, the road ahead for Amash appears to be an ugly and difficult one.

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