Is Outgoing Starbucks CEO Planning a Political Run? | NTK Network Is Outgoing Starbucks CEO Planning a Political Run?

Is Outgoing Starbucks CEO Planning a Political Run?

The Seattle-based executive just stepped down (again) from his role as CEO of Starbucks. Could a political office be next?

By NTK Staff | 12.08.2016 @2:21pm
Is Outgoing Starbucks CEO Planning a Political Run?

In a late September episode of Alec Baldwin’s radio show, Here’s the Thing, Baldwin asked outgoing Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz if he had ever thought about running for political office. Schultz’s response? “I have thought about that, but not now.”

Baldwin pressed further, asking, “Not now means maybe some other time?” To which Schultz simply responded, “Maybe, maybe.”

Schultz on Tuesday accepted the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, a little over two months removed from his Baldwin interview. At times during his acceptance speech, Schultz sounded like a man running for office.

“We need a movement of a large group of people who are unwilling to embrace the status quo and recognize the threat of tyranny,” Schultz said.

His speech began with a reflection of America’s political discourse, “And certainly, the presidential election cycle — the lack of civility, the lack of respect … Almost to the point where we could ask yourself a rhetorical question, ‘Has America lost its conscience?’”

Schultz later spent a sizeable portion of his speech discussing the importance of political involvement and resistance to the direction he sees the new Trump administration taking the country:

“We cannot allow the continuation of the fracturing of the trust and confidence, of the lack of truth, the lack of authentic leadership, to take us in a direction that most of us in this country know is fool’s gold. This is a serious time, a very serious time for all of us in the country, and all of us who represent other people around the world who are asking a very serious question, and the question is, “Is it really possible? Is this the direction that the country is really going in?”

Given his thinly veiled criticism of Donald Trump, his experience as CEO of a nation-wide company, and a weak Democratic bench, could Howard Schultz be planning a political run in the next four or eight years?

Read and watch Schultz’s full remarks from Tuesday night here.

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