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Is Spain About to Split in Two?

Will the Catalonia region of Spain be able to declare its independence in the coming months or years? Separatists won a narrow majority in parliament on Thursday, a loss for Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

By NTK Staff | 12.22.2017 @12:00pm
Is Spain About to Split in Two?

The Catalonia region of Spain, which includes the country’s second-largest city, Barcelona, elected a narrow majority of separatists to their parliament on Thursday evening, increasing the chances the region declares its independence from Spain in the coming months or years.

Reuters reported from Barcelona and Madrid, the latter of which is Spain’s capital:

Separatists looked set on Friday to regain power in Catalonia after voters rejected Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s attempt to defuse the independence movement, instead re-igniting the country’s biggest political crisis in decades.

…With the count from Thursday’s Catalan parliament election almost complete, separatist parties had secured a slim majority, sending stocks down around 1 percent on fears that the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy will be hurt by tensions with its richest region.

Indeed, as Reuters reported, the euro was down slightly on Friday morning (EST), with a sharp drop occurring around the time results came in.

Politico Europe has some helpful charts from the election, showing that the two major separatist parties, Junts per Catalunya (JxC) and Catalan Republican Left (ERC), together had secured 66 seats in the parliament. With four seats from separatist CUP, separatist forces have a narrow majority in the 135-seat majority.

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