Is This the Week We'll Learn More on the Senate's Obamacare Repeal? | NTK Network Is This the Week We’ll Learn More on the Senate’s Obamacare Repeal?

Is This the Week We’ll Learn More on the Senate’s Obamacare Repeal?

If Mitch McConnell wants a Senate vote on Obamacare repeal by July, he'll need to send a bill to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) by the end of this week.

By NTK Staff | 06.12.2017 @10:45am
Is This the Week We’ll Learn More on the Senate’s Obamacare Repeal?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is “racing to vote” on an Obamacare repeal bill by the end of June, according to recent reporting by Politico, so this second full week of June may bring the country more details on how the Senate’s Obamacare repeal will differ from the bill the House passed.

Over the first two weeks of June, details of the Senate’s effort have leaked to the press, along with reports about the disagreements the upper chamber’s conservatives and moderates have about what exactly will go in the bill.

The Washington Examiner, and others, reported on Friday that a key debate among Senate Republicans now is “whether to let states allow insurers to charge sick people more money for healthcare coverage.” This is called “community rating” in Obamacare.

Moderates and vulnerable Republican senators generally want to keep the community rating, which prevents sick people from being charged more but also raises prices for everyone, on average, as a result. Many conservatives want to get rid of the requirement, which may bring down premiums overall.

Meanwhile, a CNN report out Monday morning says the Senate could send their bill to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) for scoring by early this week. At that point, the public may learn more about what’s expected to be in the bill.

CNN reports that Obamacare taxes are also a key sticking point – since keeping certain subsidies or mandates in Obamacare will be expensive – and that some in the Senate just want to be done with the vote.

With the Republican Party’s most pressing undertaking stuck in limbo, GOP senators and aides are beginning to wonder about one undesirable outcome: that the Senate takes a vote on a health care bill in the coming weeks knowing full well it could fail.

Although some will focus on Russia, Trump’s budget, and a litany of other topics buzzing around Capitol Hill this week, Obamacare repeal will be one to watch.

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