Is Ukraine Living a Real-Life Version of 'Homeland'? | NTK Network Is Ukraine Living a Real-Life Version of ‘Homeland’?

Is Ukraine Living a Real-Life Version of ‘Homeland’?

A war hero returns home after years in captivity, ascends the political ladder, and betrays her country. It's the stuff of Hollywood, but it's actually going on in Kiev.

By NTK Staff | 03.22.2018 @3:00pm
Is Ukraine Living a Real-Life Version of ‘Homeland’?

The first seasons of Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ follow the actions of its antagonist, former prisoner-of-war Nicholas Brody.

In a Manchurian Candidate-esque plot, Brody is radicalized when captured in Iraq and held for years by Muslim extremists. The marine is eventually released and returns home under a pretense of heroism, planning on using his status to achieve political prominence and betray the United States to its Islamic extremist enemies.

It’s a fantastical plot that could only happen in scripted television. Right?

Well, the Ukrainian government could be living out the once-fictional plot in their ongoing war with Russia.

Ukrainian officials arrested MP Nadiya Savchenko “on suspicion of planning an assault on parliament and supporting a coup” on Thursday, according to the BBC. Savchenko, a former military officer, saw her fame grow worldwide when the Kremlin imprisoned her for two years in Russia.

Savchenko became a symbol of Russian aggression in Ukraine, and her imprisonment brought condemnation from the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned the officer, sending her back to Ukraine after her two years in Russian prison. Savchenko was awarded the nation’s highest award and was elected to parliament.

But prosecutors accused Savchenko of conspiring with Russian separatists to overthrow Ukraine’s government, with video evidence:

[Savchenko] smiled and laughed in response, and did not question the authenticity of the video. She said Ukraine’s “corrupt” government did need to be overthrown, but described the plot as a “provocation”.

But on Thursday Ukraine’s chief prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko told MPs that Ms Savchenko, 36, planned “a large-scale terrorist act” in Kiev.

He accused her of doing a deal with the Russian-backed rebels to “obtain the weapons necessary for such an attack, in particular 120mm calibre mortars, small arms, sniper rifles, combat grenades”.

Savchenko has not denied the charges.

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