It was the Will of the American People Passed Tax Reform, and These Stories Prove It | NTK Network It was the Will of the American People Passed Tax Reform, and These Stories Prove It

It was the Will of the American People Passed Tax Reform, and These Stories Prove It

From York, PA to San Marcos, TX, Americans worked together to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

By NTK Staff | 12.20.2017 @5:13pm
It was the Will of the American People Passed Tax Reform, and These Stories Prove It

Democrats and some in the media would have the American public believe that Republicans forced their tax bill down the throats of the American people, but to many Americans that’s simply not the case.

Over the past 15 weeks, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has employed over 160 RNC field staffers to meet with everyday Americans to hear how the tax plan would impact their lives.

Since the RNC’s outreach effort started in September, RNC field staffers have had over 9,800 one-on-one meetings with everyday Americans, held over 200 roundtables, and collected over 40,000 petition signatures.

The RNC provided the NTK Network a small sampling of the thousands of stories their field staffers collected over the past several months from everyday Americans, explaining how the GOP tax reform plan would help them.

Not only did these everyday Americans tell the RNC field staffers their personal stories, but many of them actively volunteered to knock on over 350,000 doors and make over 145,000 phone calls explaining to other everyday Americans why the Republican tax reform bill was so important.


Susie from York, PA, for example, is retired and living on a fixed income. The Republican tax bill will prevent Susie’s taxes from increasing, meaning she will not have to make tough financial decisions.

After speaking to the RNC field staff, Susie helped gather petition signatures, trained new staffers, and held her own phone bank at her home in Southern York.

Susie’s hard work was rewarded twice, first when President Trump thanked her during his speech in Harrisburg, PA, and again when Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Wednesday.


In New Albany, Indiana, RNC field staffers met Tina, who told the staffers that she identifies as liberal but is in full support of President Trump’s tax reform plan because she is staunchly opposed to the death tax.

Tina told the RNC field staffers that she considered the death tax to be, “an unjust financial burden placed on the hardworking members of the agricultural community.”


The RNC field staffers not only talked with everyday Americans about the GOP tax bill, but they also spoke with business owners from across sectors about what this tax reform plan would mean for them.

In Claremont, MN, the CEO of Al-Corn Clean Fuel told the RNC field staffers that the GOP tax bill would allow his business to keep more of the money it generated, which could be used to take care of employees.

Then there’s Vanessa from Morrow, GA, a small business owner who told the RNC field staffers she supported lowering the corporate tax rate as it would help create jobs.

Vanessa, a supporter of Trump, was also excited about the tax savings she would receive under the Republican bill that would allow her to hire more employees.

But, most importantly the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gives Vanessa “something concrete to talk to her Democratic friends about, that will benefit them directly.”

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