Ivanka Trump Previews President Trump's Workforce Development Initiatives | NTK Network Ivanka Trump Previews President Trump’s Workforce Development Initiatives

Ivanka Trump Previews President Trump’s Workforce Development Initiatives

Apprenticeship is going to be the model for the Trump administration, according to Ivanka.

By NTK Staff | 06.12.2017 @12:47pm

Ivanka Trump touted the Trump administration’s Workforce Development Initiatives that will be rolled out this week during an interview on Fox and Friends on Monday.

“So, last week, while it didn’t get the level of headlines, [but] it will ultimately have a much more impact, was infrastructure week, focusing on the commitment to rebuild this country, rebuild rural locations which have fallen into great disrepair, repair our waterways, air traffic control,” Ivanka Trump told the panel.

“This coming week is about workforce development,” Ivanka added. “So with all the noise, with all the intensity of the media coverage, and obviously what makes headlines, ultimately, we are really focused on why the American people elected Donald Trump as their president.”

Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt then asked Ivanka Trump about her father’s upcoming visit to Wisconsin.

“We are visiting one of the great examples of skilled-based learning and skills-based education technical schools in Wisconsin, which we are very excited about,” she said. “To talk about the skills gap and to really highlight the fact that there is a viable path other than a four-year college experience.”

“So, really investing in vocational education, skill-based training. There are six million available American jobs. So we’re constantly hearing from CEOs that they have job openings, but they don’t have workers with the skill set they need to fill those jobs. Really bridging that gap and bringing experienced-based education to the forefront. So, apprenticeship, actually. That’s the model,” Ivanka continued.

Ivanka Trump explained how the Trump administration would be investing in vocational education and skill-based training.

Fox’s Steve Doocy asked Ivanka Trump about her personal experience as a business owner and whether she ever experienced a situation where she wanted to hire someone but couldn’t because they didn’t have the necessary skill set.

“It’s true, and while it’s not a woman’s issue, it disproportionately affects women and minorities, especially when you think out into the future where the available jobs [are] today and [where] the future jobs are coming from,” she said. “A lot of the them are in STEM-related fields, science, engineering, computer science.”

“Well, women are, for example, while we represent 47 percent of the overall workforce, we only make up 23 percent of STEM-related occupations. So, we’re moving in the wrong direction in terms of our participation, and that’s something ultimately we need to change,” she continued.

Ivanka Trump concluded by saying how part-time work in the United States is a problem:

“The number of part-time workers who are working two and three jobs that, collectively, they are making less than when they worked one job, that’s been replaced. And they don’t have access to leave for vacation to holidays, to traditional benefits. So that’s another problem we are very much looking address.”

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