Jamie Dimon Attacks Trump's Trade Policies | NTK Network Jamie Dimon Attacks Trump’s Trade Policies

Jamie Dimon Attacks Trump’s Trade Policies

The JP Morgan CEO said the president is "torturing" Mexico and his actions are "dead wrong."

By NTK Staff | 07.23.2018 @12:30pm

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, in an interview with CNN aired on Monday, criticized President Trump’s trade actions, calling them “dead wrong.”

“I think Mexico [are] wonderful neighbors. We want NAFTA done,” he said. “To be torturing Mexico this way, in my opinion, is dead wrong.”

Dimon called on the president to re-engage in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to present a united world front against Chinese economic aggression. He warned that the current course could “reverse some of the effects we’ve seen in the economy.”

CNN’s Christine Romans pointed out that several economic advisers had said that the great economy gave Trump the upper hand in trade wars with other countries.

The CEO rejected this, saying that Trump needed to do “the right thing” on trade whether or not the economy was doing well.

He did admit in the interview, however, “If somehow the president’s team do a great job, maybe we’ll have a great outcome.”

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