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Jeff Sessions, DOJ Going After Inauguration Rioters

The #DisruptJ20 movement burned cars, damaged buildings, and attacked Trump supporters after announcing their goal was to stop the transition of power.

By NTK Staff | 08.15.2017 @12:08pm

According to a report from CNN’s Kate Bouldan and Jessica Schneider, the Jeff Sessions-run Department of Justice (DOJ) is going after rioters who damaged property and caused havoc on the streets of Washington, D.C. on the day of President Trump’s inauguration.

“[The DOJ] want the identities of and detailed information on up to 1.3 million internet users who actually visited a website that was used to organize protests against President Trump,” Schneider reported.

DOJ officials are seeking information from the website for the #DisruptJ20 movement, which was the central organizing force for anti-Trump protests on inauguration day.

“The Justice Department is demanding that it hand over IP addresses, even contact information and e-mail content of the thousands of visitors who went to one website in particular, it’s called ‘,'” Schneider said.

The website is resisting the attempts to collect the information, saying the administration is trying to collect intelligence on “political dissidents.”

#DisruptJ20 organizers said prior to the inauguration said that group’s goal was to stop “the peaceful transition of power,” a hallmark of American democracy:

Additionally, when they realized that they did not have the numbers to stop the inauguration on the day of, some of the protesters were content attacking Trump supporters and burning property:

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