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Joy Behar Throws Jon Ossoff Under the Bus

It looks like Ossoff's celebrity supporters are not as loyal as they seemed.

By NTK Staff | 06.21.2017 @1:40pm

Panelists on ABC’s The View threw GA-06 candidate Jon Ossoff under the bus following his loss to Republican Karen Handel on Tuesday night.

Discussing how to motivate voters to go to the polls, Joy Behar said: “You’ve got to have a clear message. You’ve got to have a charismatic candidate.”

Multiple panelists interjected, arguing that Ossoff was, in fact, charismatic.

“This guy?” Behar asked. “No,” she said as she wagged her finger.

“He didn’t even move into the district,” she continued. “The Democratic Party should have said, ‘Listen, you want to run? You want to win? You move into the district.”

Co-panelist Jedediah Bila cited the fact that Ossoff had received the vast majority of his donations from out-of-state.

Ossoff enjoyed heavy support from celebrities, but now that he has lost, it appears his Hollywood advocates no longer have his back.

(H/T Free Beacon)

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