Kamala Harris Offends All of New Hampshire During Daily Show Appearance | NTK Network Kamala Harris Offends All of New Hampshire During Daily Show Appearance

Kamala Harris Offends All of New Hampshire During Daily Show Appearance

One reporter asked Harris if she was going to make New Hampshire a priority for her campaign. Then the California Democrat started making assumptions about what that meant.

By NTK Staff | 04.19.2019 @9:45am
Kamala Harris Offends All of New Hampshire During Daily Show Appearance

During an appearance on “The Daily Show,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) put her foot in her mouth when she told a story about an interaction with a New Hampshire reporter.

That reporter asked Harris if she planned to compete in New Hampshire. This is where Harris’s assuming comes into play. Here’s how she described the interaction on “The Daily Show”:

“The first line of questioning I got was, ‘You’re in New Hampshire, and we heard you’re not going to come to New Hampshire. We thought you weren’t going to compete in New Hampshire,’” she recounted in a kind of incredulous singsong. “And what no one said, but the inference was, well, the demographic of New Hampshire is not who you are in terms of your race and who you are.”

But the New Hampshire reporter, Paul Steinhauser, refutes Harris’s side of the story. He says was actually asking about the amount of time Harris plans to spend in the state that his home to the First in the Nation primary.

The question from the [Concord] Monitor – which led the newspaper’s coverage of the Harris visit – was not aimed at the candidate’s race. Rather, it was based on the lack of any prior visits to New Hampshire by Harris over the past year and on the national media narrative that Harris may spend more time in the other early voting states as well as her home state of California, which moved up the date of its primary in the 2020 calendar to Super Tuesday, about three weeks after the Granite State votes.

Many presidential candidates choose to prioritize one or two early voting states over others, spending more time there and dedicating more resources. It’s not uncommon, and based on empirical evidence, it’s exactly what Harris is doing. Here’s how the Los Angeles Times characterizes Harris’s strategy:

Harris is, indeed, counting heavily on South Carolina, a state with a large African American population, along with her home state and next-door Nevada to deliver her the Democratic nomination.

She has already made several trips to South Carolina and campaigned in Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas; Harris’ planned visit to New Hampshire next week will be her first since that initial February foray.

“One of the most scarce resources a campaign has is a candidates’ time,” one New Hampshire political scientist told the L.A. Times. “And by that metric it’s clear, thus far, Harris is not spending much on New Hampshire.”

Plus, the political scientist added, her decision to turn the conversation toward race, a sensitive topic in New Hampshire, did her no favors. If things turn south for Harris, “I can see reporters returning to that comment,” he said.

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