Keith Ellison Falsely Claims He Never Met with Louis Farrakhan in 2016 | NTK Network Keith Ellison Falsely Claims He Never Met with Louis Farrakhan in 2016

Keith Ellison Falsely Claims He Never Met with Louis Farrakhan in 2016

"It's not true. It's a lie," Ellison said about reports that he met with Louis Farrakhan in 2016.

By NTK Staff | 06.11.2018 @11:10am

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice Chair Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who is running to be attorney general of Minnesota, in 2018 falsely claimed that he never met with the notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan in 2016 during an interview on Friday.

Farrakhan in the past has called the Jewish people his “enemy,” “satanic,” and claimed the Jewish people are responsible for “filth and degenerate behavior,” while also praising Adolf Hitler as a “very great man.

Ellison has defended Farrakhan in the past and met with the Nation of Islam leader as recently as 2016, according to reports.

“Minister Farrakhan is a role model for black youth,” wrote Ellison in an Insight News op-ed in 1995. “He is not an anti-Semite.”

Mike Mulcahy of MPR News Radio asked Ellison to set the record straight about his relationship with Farrakhan.

“Okay let me tell you, I’ve set the record straight many times. Let me do it again. I have no connection to this individual,” Ellison said. “This is something that the Republicans throw out there to try to stop me from talking about consumers and workers and small businesspeople and farmers.”

“If they get me trying to defend myself all the time, then they think that will take away from my message,” Ellison said.

Mulcahy followed up by asking Ellison specifically about whether it was true that Ellison met with Farrakhan in a hotel room in 2016.

“It’s not true. It’s a lie,” Ellison said.

But, according to Washington Post fact checkers, Ellison did meet with Farrakhan in 2016. They gave Ellison’s previous remarks “Four Pinocchios,” the most possible, for suggesting that “his interactions with Farrakhan ended in 2006.”

The Washington Post reported:

“2016: Ellison met privately with Farrakhan. Shortly after Ellison wrote his Washington Post article, Farrakhan posted an interview on his Facebook page in which he said the “deceitful” op-ed was the result of “Jewish control of politics, economics, Hollywood, music, media.” He also said that Ellison and Rep. André Carson (D-Ind.), the only other Muslim member of Congress, had recently met with him and had a private chat. “Both of them, when I was in Washington, visited my suite and we sat down talking like you and I are talking,” Farrakhan told his interviewer, Munir Muhammad. “But evidently, the enemy has made me the litmus test for all black people who want to rise in their world.”

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