Kellyanne Conway: Biden ‘Complicit’ in Obama Admin Deportations | NTK Network Kellyanne Conway: Biden ‘Complicit’ in Obama Admin Deportations

Kellyanne Conway: Biden ‘Complicit’ in Obama Admin Deportations

The White House aide said if critics want to attack Trump’s immigration position, they should criticize Joe Biden’s record, too.

By NTK Staff | 07.15.2019 @2:23pm

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway defended President Trump’s immigration policies during an appearance on Fox News Sunday this week.

For weeks, Democrats’ have decried the Trump administration’s decision to carry out raids in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents apprehend illegal immigrants. Those raids were slated to take place this weekend, but CNN reported that much of the media and Democrats’ reaction was overblown.

But Conway noted that critics of Trump’s decision to enforce U.S. laws should also take issue with Joe Biden’s record on immigration, as well. Serving as vice president in the Obama administration, Biden oversaw the deportation of at least 3 million illegal immigrants.

“Just this week, you saw massive protests at Joe Biden’s Philadelphia headquarters … and those people are angry that he was complicit in the Obama-Biden deportation,” Conway said.

In fact, Trump’s administration has not yet reached the Obama-era deportation numbers.

Biden defended his record when confronted by protesters in New Hampshire, per Politico:

Biden said he would not apologize for helping to deport illegal immigrants who committed a felony, but that he would apologize for any deportations involving individuals who “were engaged in a misdemeanor and or their family was separated.”

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