Ken Starr: If Mueller Goes Beyond Russia, He's Gone Too Far | NTK Network Ken Starr: If Mueller Goes Beyond Russia, He’s Gone Too Far

Ken Starr: If Mueller Goes Beyond Russia, He’s Gone Too Far

The former special prosecutor said that Mueller would exceed his mandate if he investigates issues beyond Russia.

By NTK Staff | 08.04.2017 @8:59am

Former Special Prosecutor Ken Starr said on CNN Friday that if Special Counsel Robert Mueller begins to investigate matters related to President Trump beyond Russia, then the former FBI director would exceed his mandate to investigate.

Host Alisyn Camerota asked Starr if Mueller would go too far if he investigates a hypothetical real estate deal with Russians in the 1990s.

“Well, Alisyn, you used the key word there, and you said ‘Russian,'” Starr said. “Does this relate to Russia’s activity?”

Starr said the Russian interference in the 2016 election was “unspeakably horrible,” but beyond that, “now the question is: was there collusion with the Trump campaign?”

“If the investigation goes beyond the Russian mandate, and they just say, ‘Let’s just look into the financing of Trump Tower, but there’s no Russian connection to it,’ then the argument is there, as I see it, that the investigation has gone too far,” he concluded.

Starr was the special prosecutor during the Clinton impeachment process.

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