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Kim Jong-un’s B&B? Bitcoin and Biological Weapons

New reports suggest the rogue North Korean regime is extending its reach beyond nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles.

By NTK Staff | 12.12.2017 @11:34am
Kim Jong-un’s B&B? Bitcoin and Biological Weapons

North Korea’s threat to the U.S. and the rest of the free world may soon extend beyond conventional missiles and nuclear weapons and to the worlds of cryptocurrency and biological weapons.

New reports in the last week shed light on how the rogue regime, led by Kim Jong-un, is diversifying its illicit activity in recent months.

From Fox News, on North Korea’s efforts to ‘hack‘ into the Bitcoin boom:

As bitcoin’s value continues to surge, North Korean hackers are taking advantage by targeting exchanges to gain financial profit, experts said on Friday as sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime threaten to impede on economic development.

…Shen said she and other researchers have been tracking Lazarus, Bluenoroff and Andariel — hacking groups suspected of being backed by North Korea — and attacks done on banks in Europe and South Korea, an ATM company and bitcoin exchange. She told Sky News cyberattacks are usually conducted to gain confidential information, but they have been recently veered toward gaining digital currency.

And The Washington Post broke on Sunday that North Korea is “moving steadily” on its bioweapons program:

A decade later, the technical hurdles appear to be falling away. North Korea is moving steadily to acquire the essential machinery that could potentially be used for an advanced bioweapons program, from factories that can produce microbes by the ton, to laboratories specializing in genetic modification, according to U.S. and Asian intelligence officials and weapons experts.

Meanwhile, leader Kim Jong Un’s government also is dispatching its scientists abroad to seek advanced degrees in microbiology, while offering to sell biotechnology services to the developing world.

Both developments are alarming, and could increase pressure on actors like China and Russia – at times friendly with North Korea – to convince Kim to stop his pursuit of financial and military weapons.

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