Kudlow: Trump 'Completely Right' to Impose Tariffs on China | NTK Network Kudlow: Trump ‘Completely Right’ to Impose Tariffs on China

Kudlow: Trump ‘Completely Right’ to Impose Tariffs on China

The president's new economic adviser denied that Trump was starting a trade war, saying his moves were designed to promote free trade.

By NTK Staff | 04.04.2018 @11:59am

Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s National Economic Council Chair and a noted supporter of free trade policies, told Fox Business on Wednesday that the president is “completely right” to impose tariffs on China.

With volatile markets reacting negatively to escalating import taxes between China and the United States, Kudlow denied that the two countries are in a “trade war.”

“[China’s] been going on [with unfair taxes] for many years, and Trump is really the first president to fight back and put a shot across the bow,” he said.

Kudlow criticized the Chinese for their “unlawful” economic practices, calling them “outside the boundaries of the WTO.”

“Somebody’s got to deal with it. President Trump’s going to deal with it,” he added.

The president’s economic adviser predicted that the volley of trade restrictions would ultimately result in lower Chinese trade restrictions, allowing American companies to grow in Chinese markets.

“I’m not a fan of tariffs,” Kudlow said. “But I think the president is completely right to take these actions.”

The former CNBC economic analyst explained that Trump’s moves were actually pro-free trade, in that they are aimed at reducing Chinese barriers to trade. “[Trump’s] standing up for better world trade,” he said. “The path to real free trade must include tremendous reforms and stopping these illegal and unfair [Chinese] trading practices.”

“China has a lot of tariffs on our products going in,” Kudlow added.

Elon Musk voiced a similar supportive sentiment when Trump first announced the tariffs last month:

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