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Leo: Picking a Judge Isn’t About ‘Roe,’ It’s About Justice

Trump's Supreme Court adviser wouldn't play CNN's game, only to say that the president would pick a qualified, well-reasoned nominee.

By NTK Staff | 07.09.2018 @10:24am

Federalist Society Vice President Leonard Leo, in an appearance on CNN on Monday, shot back at mainstream media allegations that President Trump would appoint a Supreme Court Justice on the basis of their stance on Roe v. Wade.

Leo, who has served as Trump’s “Supreme Court whisperer,” said that all of Trump’s potential nominees “have a respect for precedent.”

CNN’s John Berman claimed that potential nominee Amy Coney Barrett had demonstrated a willingness to overturn decisions like Roe v. Wade. Leo rejected this narrative.

“The reason that I and others have been resisting this theme is because you can go back 36 years, and people have made Roe v. Wade and abortion an issue in Supreme Court battles,” he said. “And at every turn they’ve been wrong about what justices are going to do.”

“The process doesn’t focus on [Roe],” Leo added. “The process focuses much more broadly on the business of judging, what it means to be fair and impartial.”

The FedSoc VP claimed that CNN and others were trying to insert politics into the Supreme Court, something of which the Court needs less.

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