'Liberal-Leaning' Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Criticized for Partisan Bias | NTK Network ‘Liberal-Leaning’ Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Criticized for Partisan Bias

‘Liberal-Leaning’ Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Criticized for Partisan Bias

Media cites study from Tax Policy Center despite its obvious political nature

By NTK Staff | 10.03.2017 @3:30pm
‘Liberal-Leaning’ Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Criticized for Partisan Bias

Since the unveiling of the “Big Six” framework for tax reform that would cut taxes for the middle-class and double the standard deduction so individuals and families are taxed on less of what they earn, the left has sought to demonize the outline, claiming that it is a “handout to the wealthy.”

To make this argument, they have relied on a study put out by the Tax Policy Center (TPC), a think tank that has been criticized in the past for maintaining an unmistakable liberal bent.

While many in the media have cited their study as legitimate and claim the TPC to be “nonpartisan,” others have concluded that the think tank exists only to “serve Democratic political ends.”

In a Wall Street Journal column from March 2016, economists Marc Sumerlin and Noah Williams attacked the TPC for not taking “into account the interplay between policy and the macro economy,” and noting that it gets funding from “two Democratic-aligned think tanks,” the Brookings Institute and Urban Institute.

Additionally, a Wall Street Journal editorial from earlier this week ripped TPC for their “willingness to jump to conclusions about the GOP plan before crucial details are known,” and said that the think tank “betrays its bias by making premature guesses based on partisan assumptions.” The editorial board went on to remind readers that TPC had done “a similar sandbag job” on Mitt Romney’s 2012 tax plan and encouraged Republicans to label it as “the anti-reform propaganda shop that it is.”

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) did just that, calling their report on the “Big Six” framework “misleading, unfounded, and biased,” and he told a New York Times reporter that it resembled “a work of fiction that Stephen King would have been proud of.” Even the partisan Huffington Post classified TPC as “liberal-leaning.”

Additional studies and analysis on the impact of the GOP’s tax plan are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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