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Liberals are Buying the Wrong ‘Fire and Fury’ on Amazon

According to The Guardian, liberals are reading about WWII bombing campaigns instead of the Trump administration.

By NTK Staff | 01.10.2018 @5:30pm
Liberals are Buying the Wrong ‘Fire and Fury’ on Amazon

Michael Wolff’s new book on the Trump presidency, “Fire and Fury,” has shot up the bestseller lists, but many readers desperate for dirt on the president are instead learning about Allied bombing campaigns during WWII.

A decade-old book, “Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945” by Randall Hansen, also found itself on three of Amazon’s bestseller lists. Hansen told The Guardian that he was surprised people were so “dumb” to be confusing the two books:

After dinner on Friday, Hansen logged on to Amazon and found that his book – which explores civilian perspectives on the Allied bombing of Germany during the second world war – had edged back on to three of the site’s bestseller categories. “It amused me. Part of me thought: can people really be that dumb to be confusing these books?”

Wolff’s book, on the other hand, examines President Trump, using insider accounts from former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. This version set the left off with speculation about Trump’s fitness for office.

A couple of unhappy users took aim at the author online, which Hansen brushed off:

“I had a couple of bitter comments,” said Hansen. “There was one tweet, he came forward and said, ‘I bought this book by accident and there’s no way I’m reading it,’ in kind of this accusatory tone. I thought, well, it’s not quite my fault, mate.”

Hansen hopes that people read his book on the effects of war on civilians, since he views Trump as a “warmongering, unstable, deranged demagogue.” Maybe he should worry how “deranged” liberals are, given they are unable to simply purchase the right book in their frenzy to remove the president from office.

(H/T Free Beacon)

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