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Liberals: Can Trudeau Be Our President? Canadians: Take Him

Rolling Stone asked why the United States couldn't have Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as its president. Meanwhile, his approval ratings collapse at home.

By NTK Staff | 07.26.2017 @1:53pm
Liberals: Can Trudeau Be Our President?  Canadians: Take Him

A fawning profile of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Rolling Stone declares the young leader as “the north star,” while the cover asks, “Why can’t he be our president?”

The profile portrayed Trudeau as a compassionate leader and contrasts him favorably with the Trump administration in Washington:

Despite these contradictions, the prime minister is a progressive, rational, forward-thinking leader. Yes, he was -manor-born, but he actually feels his citizens’ pain because he’s had his own unthinkable personal tragedies. A majority of Canadians believe he genuinely has the interests of Canada’s 36 million at heart. In 2015, Trudeau met Syrian refugees at the airport and handed out winter coats. One of the refugees thanked him a year later in person on Canadian radio. Trudeau wept. Another named his son after the PM. Meanwhile, Trump is pushing Muslim bans, and Mike Pence went to court to prevent any Syrian refugees from coming to his state.

The author, Stephen Rodrick, even finished his piece with this nauseating string of sentences:

It would have been corny if it had not been so goddamned beautiful. This is Trudeau’s vision of what a country can be. His land races toward inclusion, while our nation builds walls and lusts for an era of vanilla homogeneity that ain’t coming back. At this moment, Justin Trudeau’s Canada looks like a beautiful place to ride out an American storm.

Besides the obvious reason that Trudeau’s Canadian birth makes him ineligible to be president of the United States, Rodrick may be conflating Trudeau’s popularity among his own elite liberal friends with his popularity among the people he actually governs.

Trudeau sunk to an approval rating of 42 percent in May, making him just as unpopular as the American president. Around the same time, approximately 40 percent of Americans approved of President Trump’s job performance.

While Rolling Stone and American liberals beg for a president like Trudeau, the message from Canadians seems to be clear: “You can have him.”

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