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Live and Let Die: Longest-Serving Bond Actor Passes Away

Legendary actor Roger Moore passed away early Tuesday. NTK takes a look back at his best roles as James Bond.

By NTK Staff | 05.23.2017 @12:56pm
Live and Let Die: Longest-Serving Bond Actor Passes Away

Sir Roger Moore, the actor best known for playing fictional super spy James Bond, passed away early Tuesday, according to his family.

Moore held his most famous role as James Bond longer than any other actor in the history of the film franchise.

Known for his campy style, Moore angered movie critics but endeared audiences around the world with his corny and, at times annoying, portrayal of the world’s favorite spy.

The actor recently joked that he was “the worst Bond,” taking in stride criticism of his portrayal of 007.

As one of the longest serving Bond actors, NTK will pay homage by taking a look back at Moore’s Bond films.

The Classics

Live and Let Die: A classic Bond film all around, from the opening Paul McCartney theme, to Bond’s crocodile high wire walk, to the creepy voodoo setting of the south Louisiana bayou, Live and Let Die is clearly the best of the Moore films. Seriously. Others agree with us.

Octopussy: Combine the quintessential Bond movie title with exotic locations, deadly women, and the wit of James Bond, and you find yourself watching Octopussy. The pursuit of stolen jewels eventually leads Bond into a Soviet conspiracy to detonate nuclear warheads in western Europe. Bond rushes with the title character to prevent a communist takeover in this classic Cold War tale.

Moonraker: Jaws survives The Spy Who Loved Me to die another day, this time as more comedic relief than ruthless villain. With a mid-air theft of a space shuttle and a plot to commit global genocide, Moonraker fits squarely in its Cold War era.

Honorable Mentions

The Man With the Golden Gun: To be totally honest, Christopher Lee (playing assassin and Bond foe Fransisco Scaramanga) saved this film. Lee, one of the all-time greatest actors, rescued an otherwise mediocre movie.

The Spy Who Loved Me: One word: Jaws.

You Tried

A View to a Kill: With Christopher Walken playing the villain, this should have been a first ballot hall-of-fame Bond film. Unfortunately, it fell flat. Very flat.

Some criticized his corny style, but as the longest serving actor in one of the world’s most famous film franchise, Moore will live on as a film legend.

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