Mainstream Media: Democrat's November Blue Wave May Be Only A Ripple | NTK Network Mainstream Media: Democrat’s November Blue Wave May Be Only A Ripple

Mainstream Media: Democrat’s November Blue Wave May Be Only A Ripple

Democrats hold high hopes for their electoral chances this November, but new data shows they may be disappointed.

By NTK Staff | 05.11.2018 @3:00pm
Mainstream Media: Democrat’s November Blue Wave May Be Only A Ripple

New political data shows Democrats’ best case scenario may be just taking the House and not the Senate, according to Axios. The incumbent party historically has taken losses during the midterm elections, and Republicans are expected to be no different, except that their losses may be less significant than many previously thought.

Axios reports:

President Trump’s low approval numbers and heightened enthusiasm among Democratic voters both point to Democratic success in November. But it probably won’t be a wave of historic proportions, based on Cook Political Report’s latest predictions. At best, it could allow them to win the House while barely shifting the Senate at all.

A CNN poll published this week reports Democrats have been steadily losing their edge over Republicans.

From CNN:

The Democrats’ advantage in the generic ballot dipped from 16 points in February to six points in March to just three points now. The party’s advantage has waned among enthusiastic voters as Republican enthusiasm has grown (in March, 36% of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters said they were very enthusiastic about voting; that’s up to 44% in the new poll…

Though pundits frequently cite a “blue wave” coming in November, the Senate seems particularly safe for Republicans, with one mainstream media outlet declaring the Democrats have already lost the Senate.

Trump has continued to stack up wins this week, negotiating the release of three hostages from North Korea and following through on his promise to withdraw from the Iran deal. These major foreign policy accomplishments have roused the right and blunted the attacks of his Democratic naysayers. Meanwhile, the Mueller probe has lost steam, leading Vice President Mike Pence to call for it to come to an end.

Developments at the presidential level have strong implications all the way down the ballot. And while there is plenty of time until November for either party to change the game, political winds are shifting in Republicans favor lately.

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