Mattis: 'Most Severe Sanctions Yet' Placed on North Korea | NTK Network Mattis: ‘Most Severe Sanctions Yet’ Placed on North Korea

Mattis: ‘Most Severe Sanctions Yet’ Placed on North Korea

The Defense secretary is confident that the world will act to curb Pyongyang's aggression.

By NTK Staff | 09.12.2017 @1:37pm

Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters on Tuesday that the UN has placed the “most severe sanctions yet” on the North Korean regime following Pyongyang’s successful test of a hydrogen bomb.

“The United Nations Security Council spoke with one voice again, recognizing the global threat that DPRK, North Korea, constitutes,” Mattis said.

“These are the most severe sanctions yet laid on North Korea,” he told reporters gathered. “We’ll see choices the North Koreans make.”

The UN unanimously voted over the weekend to ban North Korea’s textile exports and limit Pyongyang’s foreign fuel, according to Reuters.

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