May, Conservatives Shut Down Corbyn Over Brexit | NTK Network May, Conservatives Shut Down Corbyn Over Brexit

May, Conservatives Shut Down Corbyn Over Brexit

The far-left Labour leader criticized the prime minister's Brexit cabinet, implying that he could do it better.

By NTK Staff | 07.09.2018 @11:54am

During Monday’s Prime Minister’s questions in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May shot down Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s criticism of her government’s handling of Brexit.

Corbyn launched a firey tirade at May following the resignation of U.K. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and other Brexit officials. “For the good of this country and its people, this government needs to get its act together and do it quickly,” he said. “And if it can’t, make way for those who can.”

When he finished, May joked that during his minutes-long “question,” Corbyn managed to never pose an interrogative to the prime minister. So May took to tearing apart Corbyn’s arguments piece by piece.

The prime minister cited Corbyn’s criticism that her government would not address the regulatory environment and the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement, and she pointed out that she directly mentioned both of those in her statement.

“At the very beginning of his response, [Corbyn] thanked me for early sight of my statement, it’s just a pity he obviously didn’t bother to read it,” she said.

“He talks about resignations,” May continued. “Can I just remind him? I think he’s had 103 resignations from his front bench. So I’ll take no lectures from [Corbyn].”

Conservative MP Ian Smith joined in the pile-on on Corbyn. “I urge [May] not to accept any single recommendations from [Corbyn], because nobody else in his party does,” he joked.

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