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McCaskill: ‘F–king Russians’ Elected Trump

The vulnerable senator, who seems at times to have a foot-in-mouth disease, reportedly blamed the "f–king Russians" on election night for Donald Trump's shock win.

By NTK Staff | 04.24.2018 @10:15am
McCaskill: ‘F–king Russians’ Elected Trump

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has at times shown she’s incapable of understanding her constituents who supported Donald Trump.

A new report may reveal one reason why: McCaskill apparently believes the “f–king Russians” elected Donald Trump.

The Washington Examiner reported Monday that a new book from Michael Isikoff and David Corn takes readers insider the Clinton campaign for McCaskill’s reaction to Trump’s shock win in November 2016.

This is according to a passage in Michael Isikoff and David Corn’s new book, Russian Roulette, which claims:

Late on Election Night, when it seemed Trump was going to win, Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat close to Clinton, walked past a reporter and muttered, ‘Can you believe this? The fucking Russians.’

As the Examiner suggested, this is going to be a difficult one for McCaskill to explain to her constituents. Trump won Missouri by a landslide, so the incumbent Democratic senator will have to explain to voters why she thinks it was not them, but the “f–king Russians,” that elected Donald Trump a year-plus ago.

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