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McDaniel Drops Wicker Challenge, Will Run for Open Seat

But the Republican governor of Mississippi has no interest in appointing the controversial McDaniel to the seat vacated by Sen. Thad Cochran.

By NTK Staff | 03.16.2018 @4:00pm
McDaniel Drops Wicker Challenge, Will Run for Open Seat

Mississippi will be a hotbed of political activity this year, as Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) announced his retirement, effective April 1, and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) is up for reelection in November.

Previously, former radio host and state Sen. Chris McDaniel announced he would challenge Wicker in the Republican primary, held on June 5. But with Cochran’s announcement, McDaniel has decided to withdraw his name from the Wicker race and pursue the seat being vacated by Cochran, the man he ran against and lost to in 2014.

The state’s governor, Phil Bryant, will appoint a replacement for Cochran, but don’t expect that person to be McDaniel. Here’s what he told the Clarion Ledger:

“This is not the business for you,” Bryant said Thursday when asked what he has to say to McDaniel about seeking the Senate seat currently held by retiring Thad Cochran.

During the same interview, Bryant emphatically said he would not appoint McDaniel to hold the seat in the interim before a Nov. 6 special election. Bryant said he — and likely Bryant’s ally President Donald Trump — would campaign hard for Bryant’s appointment and against McDaniel.

Bryant also labeled McDaniel’s move from the Wicker race to the open seat vacated by Cochran as “opportunistic.”

“There are ways you go about running for office,” Bryant said Thursday, according to the Ledger. “You decide if you can make a difference and where you can do the most good. This is not just about being in office and wanting to go to Washington … If you’re going to drain the swamp and you’re running against an incumbent and then all of a sudden you say, ‘No, this looks like an easier path, so I think I’ll take this instead,’ then this is not the business for you. This is not what you should be doing.”

McDaniel, trying to cause a bit of trouble for Bryant, claimed Senate Majority Mitch McConnell is out to get him and that he’s working with Bryant to block McDaniel’s appointment.

Bryant called that claim the “silliest thing I’ve ever heard.”

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