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Media Now Concerned About Sexism Against … Dogs?

Is this what Hillary Clinton meant by “activist b**ches”?

By NTK Staff | 02.09.2018 @4:15pm
Media Now Concerned About Sexism Against … Dogs?

American mainstream media has found a new target for their outrage: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. An article from Reuters details supposed bias against female dogs at the annual dog show in New York, complaining that male dogs win the contest as twice as often as female dogs.

According to the report, males have won 71 times in the dog show’s history, while females have only won 39 events.

Female dogs, known in pure-bred circles as “bitches,” have snared Best in Show at Westminster 39 times since the award was first given in 1907. Males, known simply as “dogs,” have been victorious 71 times, almost twice as often.

The article calls the disparity a “glass ceiling for dogs” in its title, but it’s not clear from the article if the dogs care at all if they win the event.

The problem stems from overlap between the ideal age for dog show competitors and the ideal breeding age for female dogs:

“People don’t like to campaign females because they don’t like to jeopardize their breeding program,” said Calvacca. “Males can be used to stud anytime, and still show and breed at the same time.”

As a consequence, females are less likely to compete at Westminster, the second-oldest U.S. sporting event after the Kentucky Derby. Ahead of this year’s opening day on Monday, there were 1,220 female competitors and 1,699 male challengers enrolled in most categories, including vying to be named top dog on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

The article also claims that female dogs’ “changes in temperament and hormones” often threaten their ability to compete. “They’re moody,” one breeder told Reuters.

It’s hard to believe that a distinguished publication like Reuters would focus on such a trivial topic, but they apparently found it appropriate to examine dog sexism. Amid a real groundswell in activism from the #MeToo movement, this concern over show dogs seems misplaced at best.

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