Media: President Trump is Right on Iran | NTK Network Media: President Trump is Right on Iran

Media: President Trump is Right on Iran

Editorials and op-ed pages are filled this week with foreign policy experts and editorial boards praising Trump’s words on Iran.

By NTK Staff | 01.03.2018 @2:00pm
Media: President Trump is Right on Iran

For six straight days, President Donald Trump has tweeted in support of the Iranian people, who are protesting their government.

“The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime,” Trump tweeted Tuesday, adding, “The U.S. is watching!”

Trump’s loud support for the people of Iran is in stark contrast to President Obama’s handling of the 2009 Arab Spring, and it’s earning him praise from the some of the most unlikely sources: the media.

Iran’s government is attempting to limit internet access to its people, a move Trump called “not good.” The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal agreed:

Mr. Trump’s tweets since the protests began may not be Obama-smooth but they have put America on the side of the people, rather than the regime. This rhetorical support matters to those in the street, and Europeans and Democrats in Congress should join the chorus. The U.S. can also provide technology to help Iranians get around the regime’s internet firewall and censorship. And it can raise the cost of Iran’s interventions around the Middle East.

Iranians will have to earn their own freedom, but Americans can help by admitting that this isn’t a fight between moderates and “hardliners” or Tehran vs. Trump. It’s a fight between people who want liberty and their oppressors.

Similarly, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius wrote, “Trump is right to tell Iran the world is watching.”

The world is watching. That’s the right message for Trump, and every other leader who cares about Iran’s future. … The best gift the United States can give the Iranian people is a digital lifeline, so humanity can witness their brave struggle and encourage them to prevail.

Highlighting Trump’s out-front support for the Iranian people versus the silence of the Obama administration, The New York Post also praised Trump:

President Barack Obama, anxious to create dialogue with Tehran and negotiate his disastrous nuclear deal, barely raised a peep of support for the Green Revolution protests — and then did nothing as the government ruthlessly crushed the movement.

And The Washington Examiner went even further in its criticism of Obama’s approach to Iran, noting Trump “would do well” to learn from his predecessor’s mistakes:

Obama never lost faith in his own powers of persuasion. He carried throughout his presidency a naive belief, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, that all regimes are ultimately driven by the desire for prosperity, peace, and security.

That the Iranian regime’s desires are nothing of the sort is now on full display. The whole world is watching, and President Trump would do well to learn from his predecessor’s appalling errors.

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