Media Tweets Disbelief About ‘Renate Alumnus’ Claim, But They Likely Made the Insinuation | NTK Network Media Tweets Disbelief About ‘Renate Alumnus’ Claim, But They Likely Made the Insinuation

Media Tweets Disbelief About ‘Renate Alumnus’ Claim, But They Likely Made the Insinuation

During his testimony, Kavanaugh strongly disputed the insinuation and said the term was one “intended to show affection.”

By NTK Staff | 09.27.2018 @5:00pm

Much has been made of a remark in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook in which Kavanaugh and his friends refer to themselves as “Renate Alumnus.”

The New York Times wrote a searing piece about the remark earlier this week, in which it’s made clear to readers that “Renate Alumnus” is an implication that the young men in the yearbook photo had engaged in sexual acts with Renate Schroeder Dolphin, a fellow student who attended another high school.

During Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Kavanaugh strongly disputed that claim, instead claiming that the term was “intended to show affection.”

“One of our good female friends who we admired and went to dances with had her name used on a yearbook page with the term ‘alumnus,’” Kavanaugh said. “That yearbook reference was clumsily intended to show affection and that she was one of us.”

“But in this circus, the media interpreted the term as related to sex. It was not related to sex. As the woman herself noted in the media on the record, she and I never had any sexual interaction at all,” he added. “I’m so sorry to her for that yearbook reference. This may sound a bit trivial given all that we are here for, but one thing I want to try to make sure of in the future is my friendship with her. She was and is a great person.”

Members of the press tweeted their disbelief at this claim:

But the problem with relying on how Dolphin reacted to this term is that her reaction resulted from a reporter telling her about it in the first place. She was not aware of it when she signed a letter earlier this month in support of Kavanaugh:

When Ms. Dolphin signed the Sept. 14 letter, she wasn’t aware of the “Renate” yearbook references on the pages of Judge Kavanaugh and his football teammates.

Instead, Dolphin said she learned about the “Renate Alumnus” reference in recent days, presumably when the New York Times, the first news outlet to report on the term, contacted her.

“I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago,” Ms. Dolphin said in a statement to The New York Times. “I don’t know what ‘Renate Alumnus’ actually means. I can’t begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters are never treated this way. I will have no further comment.”

The insinuation that Dolphin references, that the term was related to sex, is one that was made for Dolphin, but not necessarily by Dolphin.

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