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Meet the 4 House Dems Fighting to Keep Superdelegates at the DNC

Politico reported Thursday that four House Democrats met with DNC Chair Tom Perez, in what the publication suggested was an effort to keep superdelegates involved in the 2020 process.

By NTK Staff | 06.14.2018 @9:00am
Meet the 4 House Dems Fighting to Keep Superdelegates at the DNC

Before Democrats select a presidential candidate in 2020, they first have to sort out how involved and influential superdelegates will be to the process.

Politico reported on Thursday that a battle is brewing between “members of Congress and elected officials” – who are often superdelegates themselves – and “labor leaders and grassroots activists.”

Apparently fighting for the continued inclusion and involvement of superdelegates this week were four House Democrats, according to Politico.

A group of four House Democrats — Reps. David Price (N.C.), Grace Meng (N.Y.), Gregory Meeks (N.Y.) and Rosa DeLauro (Conn.) — met privately with DNC Chairman Tom Perez on Wednesday to discuss the matter.

…Hill Democrats complain that Perez’s initiative would prevent them from playing any substantive role in picking the party’s standard bearer in 2020. House Democrats held a tense meeting with Perez last week, and they used Wednesday’s session to try to float an alternative plan that would lessen the number of superdelegates while still preserving their elite role.

Who are these four House Democrats, and what is motivating them to fight for superdelegates? Their biographies offer a clue.


Three of the four representatives are Pelosi allies: DeLauro is known as “a close ally” of Pelosi, Price was name-checked by Pelosi when the Democrats rolled out their “Better Deal” agenda, and Meng was plucked by Pelosi to serve on the House Appropriations Committee last year.

Meeks voted for Pelosi for speaker, but has clashed with her in the past.


Three of the four representatives, including two of the Pelosi allies above, are career politicians.

  • DeLauro has served in Congress since 1991, over 27 years
  • Price has served in Congress since 1997, and served from 1987-1994, a cumulative total of over 29 years
  • Meeks has served in Congress since 1997, over 21 years

Meng is the outlier; she’s only in her third term in Congress.

Is Pelosi sending a team to do her bidding on superdelegates in the DNC? Or do career politicians want to keep their sway over who their party chooses to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020? Both are plausible explanations for the recent tension between House Democrats and the DNC.

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