Megyn Kelly Challenges Vladimir Putin on Election Hacking | NTK Network Megyn Kelly Challenges Vladimir Putin on Election Hacking

Megyn Kelly Challenges Vladimir Putin on Election Hacking

Kelly remembered President Trump saying that Putin will not get the chance to do it again.

By NTK Staff | 06.02.2017 @10:25am

NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly went after Russian President Vladimir Putin at a forum in St. Petersburg, Russia on Thursday.

Putin at first denied that Russia had involved itself in any way in the 2016 presidential election, asking for evidence that Russian intelligence services had interfered.

“It’s not one factor, that it’s a hundred factors that point to Russia. They say it’s the forensics, it’s the digital fingerprints, it’s the IP addresses, the malware, the encryption keys, the specific pieces of code, that all of them, all of them point to Russia and none of them points to anyone other than Russia,” Kelly told Putin.

“What fingerprints?” Putin asked in return, playing dumb.

The Putin-friendly crowd laughed in response.

Putin then asserted that a “three-year old girl” could have hacked the election and faked Russia’s fingerprints.

“Even President Trump has said now that he believes Russia did it, so it’s not just people who don’t want President Trump in office,” Kelly said, before Putin interrupted her.

Kelly continued, undeterred, pointing out that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia promoted a disinformation campaign in the 2016 election.

Putin doubted that Trump agrees with the assessment.

“I don’t think [Putin’ll] do it again,” Kelly remembered Trump saying of the election hacking.

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