'Mexico Joe' Donnelly to Keep Outsourcing Profits | NTK Network ‘Mexico Joe’ Donnelly to Keep Outsourcing Profits

‘Mexico Joe’ Donnelly to Keep Outsourcing Profits

The Democrat Senator has been criticized for outsourcing U.S. jobs while claiming to stand for American workers.

By NTK Staff | 08.30.2017 @3:48pm
‘Mexico Joe’ Donnelly to Keep Outsourcing Profits

It appears that Sen. ‘Mexico Joe’ Donnelly (D-IN) is keeping the profits he has gained through his business’s practice of outsourcing jobs, per Brent Scher and the Washington Free Beacon.

It was revealed this summer that Donnelly had investments in his brother’s company, which had moved its manufacturing plant from Indiana to Mexico. Following this revelation, the senator “vowed to sell the stock in July,” but apparently, he will keep the profits, Scher reported:

Donnelly, who has positioned himself as a fierce critic of outsourcing, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he sold his stock in Stewart Superior for $17,410 earlier this month. Donnelly had vowed to sell the stock in July shortly after it was reported that the ink stamp company run by his brother had shifted part of its manufacturing operation to a factory in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Donnelly’s spokesman Peter Hanscom told the AP the senator would be donating the proceeds from the sale to local charities, but made no mention of what would be done with the up to $80,000 he earned in dividend payments from 2014 to 2016.

As the numbers show, Donnelly’s profits dwarf the stock sales that he had promised to donate to charity, but the senator has been silent on the destiny of those funds.

The senator had tried to position himself as a champion of working Americans, but his revealed hypocrisy has sparked mockery from Republicans. One GOP group hired a mariachi band to follow the senator around:

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