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Michael Wolff Defends Disgusting Nikki Haley Rumors

In an interview with The Skimm, he suggested that Haley enjoys the innuendo that she is having an affair with her boss.

By NTK Staff | 01.31.2018 @12:29pm

Michael Wolff, the author of the anti-Trump book “Fire and Fury,” explained his belief that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley “embraced” the insinuation that she was sleeping with President Trump, in an interview with The Skimm on Wednesday.

One interviewer pointed out that Haley has slammed the allegations, but Wolff disputed that account.

“I would say, she seems to have embraced it,” Wolff responded. “All she does is hammer on this fact.”

“If I were accused of something, and I’m not accusing her of anything – she hasn’t tried to avoid this,” he claimed. “The book doesn’t accuse her. I didn’t accuse her, so in effect, some other reporter accused her.”

Pressed further, Wolff struggled to respond. “The book is the book,” the author added.

Wolff did not directly name Haley in his book or any interviews, but he offered strong insinuations that an affair between the president and his UN Ambassador was occurring. He admitted to possessing no evidence of any affair.

Haley called the allegations “absolutely not true.”

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